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Unox is a manufacturer of catering cooking equipment for the food service sector. It specializes in supplying the market with high quality convection ovens, combi-microwave ovens, and various auxiliary equipment to support the cooking process in professional kitchens.

The company was founded in Italy by brothers Giancarlo and Rinaldo Angele, who started in a small workshop in Padua. In its 30 years of operation, it has gained recognition in the gastro industry in the Italian and international markets. The first appliance produced by Unox was an oven with glass-ceramic shelves.

It turned out to be such an innovative solution, and thus a market success that it allowed the design and start of further production of modern day ovens. The Unox brand is still known today for implementing advanced technologies. These include such solutions as modern control systems, cleaning, energy savings, and those that improve efficiency and optimize baking processes. UNOX has used proprietary solutions in its ovens, such as:

. Mind.Maps™ technology: allows users to create and program their own cooking cycles using an intuitive graphical interface. This allows you to customize the cooking process for specific foods and needs.

The Unox CHEFLUX™ System: allows automatic management of humidity inside the oven. This is key to achieving the desired consistency and quality of the food.

The DRY.Maxi™ System: allows you to control the humidity inside the oven. This function is useful for preparing crispy foods, such as breads, pastries and pizzas.

Steam.Maxi™ technology: its use in Unox ovens enables precise control of steam. Thanks to it, you will get perfect baking in the case of bread, rolls and other yeast-raised baked goods.

UNOX brand appliances are designed to meet the needs and requirements of different types of kitchens from the catering, bakery and confectionery. They are successfully used both in small restaurants, bakeries, cafes and in larger catering establishments, hotels, canteens.

Today, UNOX, with more than 300,000 units sold in more than 100 countries, is one of the leaders in the global market for ovens combi steamers. The company has branches and distributor networks all over the world. It also provides professional service and technical support to its customers.

Looking for replacement parts for Unox ovens? Find out where to start:

1. Identify the model of your Unox oven. To find the right replacement parts, it is important that you know the model of your oven. This model is located on the nameplate on the appliance, such as Stefania.

2. Search the Gastroparts catalog. Go to the Gastroparts website and search the spare parts catalog. You can do this by entering the model of your UNOX appliance or by browsing the available product categories.

3. Contact us. If you can't find the parts you need in the online catalog, contact Gastroparts directly. Our customer service will help you find the right genuine parts, as well as give you information about their availability, price and shipping time so that you can fix your appliance on time.

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Essential replacement parts for Unox ovens in one place

At Gastroparts, we provide a very wide selection of parts for Unox convection and steam ovens. We have a warehouse of more than 1700 sq. m, allowing us to ensure continuity of supply and fast delivery of orders.

We guarantee constant access to the most popular range of Unox spare parts such such as temperature sensors, heating elements, control boards and touch panels, door seals, pumps and motors. We provide very short lead times. We work with trusted carriers to ensure fast delivery of shipments.

Efficient operation of Unox appliances from the CHEFTOP, CHEFLUX, BAKERTOP, BAKERLUX, LINEMISS, LINEMICRO lines.

In order to ensure reliable operation of the Unox oven, it is necessary to regularly replace consumable parts such as:

LED bulbs, lights and strips for Unox ovens. They provide illumination of the interior of the oven and allow you to check the condition of the food. They should be replaced when they are burnt out or dimmed. We offer various types of parts for the most popular models of Unox ovens.

Water and Air Filters. These filters protect the oven from contaminants and deposits that can affect the quality of cooking and the life of the appliance. They should be replaced when they are dirty or clogged.

Door and glass gaskets for Unox ovens. These gaskets ensure the tightness and thermal insulation of the oven. They should be replaced when they are damaged, cracked or deformed. At Gastroparts you can find gaskets for LineMiss Stefania, LineMicro, XFT200, XF013, Elena, Cheftop and many other ovens.

Temperature and humidity sensors for ovens. These sensors regulate cooking parameters and ensure optimal conditions for food. They should be replaced when they are damaged, uncalibrated or incorrectly read values in the oven chamber.

Heating elements in Unox combi ovens. They can fail for various reasons, such as overloading, overvoltage, corrosion, etc. If you need to order a new heating element for your combi steamer, it is worth paying attention to the heating element's power, dimensions and compatibility with the model of the Unox oven. There are various heating element models on the market, which differ in power, shape and size. In our offer you will get Unox oven chamber heating elements with wattages in the range of 2000W-9000W, and chamber fan heaters with wattages such as 100W, 122W or 147W.

Other original parts for Unox ovens. Depending on the model and function of the oven, other parts may be required, such as fans, pumps, valves, relays, electronic modules and others. Replace them in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations or when they are damaged, worn or inoperative.

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