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Rational AG is a German manufacturer of cooking, roasting, grilling, steaming, braising and blanching equipment for commercial and industrial kitchens. The company is based in Landsberg am Lech, Germany, and was founded by Siegfried Meister in 1973.

Rational specializes in manufacturing devices for thermal food preparation using innovative solutions in the field of gastronomic technology. The company's main products are high-quality gas and electric combi ovens used in restaurants, hotels, spas, hospitals and those places where the professional kitchen functions.

The use of thermal-steam technology in Rational ovens makes it possible to cook, bake, blanch, fry, grill quickly and precisely and even smoke food at the same time, making them very popular in professional catering facilities.

The use of state-of-the-art Rational combi steamers is carried out with minimal energy consumption while maintaining the highest possible food quality.

Rational's catering equipment, including top convection and steam ovens, is appreciated in the catering industry thanks to the use of advanced control software, optimal functionality, durability and modern aesthetics.

Rational, the undisputed leader in the oven industry, works with more than 250 chefs from around the world to help develop functional solutions for the food service industry. Their products set new trends and standards for kitchen appliances.

Looking for replacement parts for Rational equipment? Find out where to start:

1. Identify the model number of your Rational oven. To find the right replacement parts, it is important that you know the model number of your combi steamer. This number is usually located on the nameplate on the appliance, such as the SCC SelfCookingCenter®.

2. Search the Gastroparts catalog. Go to the Gastroparts website and search the spare parts catalog. You can do this by entering the model of your Rational appliance or by browsing the available product categories.

3. Contact us. If you can't find the parts you need in the online catalog, contact Gastroparts directly. Our customer service will help you in finding the right original parts and also give you information about their availability, price and shipping time so that you can repair your appliance on time.


Order Rational oven parts from a trusted supplier

Gastroparts specializes in the distribution of original spare parts and accessories for professional catering equipment, including Rational brand.

Constantly in stock, we have a wide range of spare parts for the most commonly serviced ovens. Order them without waiting, and you will receive and repair the device the very next day.

Proper and effective repair of Rational ovens

We have been working with catering equipment service companies for more than 20 years. That's why we know how to quickly help you if your equipment breaks down, how to correctly select spare parts for Rational ovens, and finally we understand the importance of constant parts availability of in the Gastroparts warehouse.

We have original parts for Rational equipment. We can help you repair your damaged oven.

The most frequently reported failures of Rational combi ovens by service technicians include:

Failures of control systems or PCB power boards. Replacement of electronic control modules, which are responsible for regulating the operation of fan motors and other mechanisms in the ovens or control components, such as the SCC control panel with touch screen, will restore control over the progress of cooking.

Gas pressure regulator valve failures. The faults affect gas combi ovens and can lead to gas leakage in the oven or insufficient pressure reduction, and thus to improper firing, inefficient heating or flame problems in the burner.

Damage resulting from lack of regular service and maintenance of Rational brand equipment. Regular maintenance allows you to identify problems related to wear and tear, such as expired parts, improper lubrication or worn mechanical components. Repairing or replacing these components can extend the life of the appliance and minimize repair costs.

Oven door gasket wear. As a result of use, they may detach, rub, crack or become less flexible, leading to a loss of oven tightness. It is recommended to repair or replace the door seal as soon as possible. This ensures optimal thermal insulation, minimizes heat loss, and maintains the safety and efficiency of the oven during operation.

Mechanical damage such as a broken oven door handle or broken Rational oven door glass. It affects the performance and safety of the device, so it is necessary to replace the entire glass. Advisable would be to consult the service center or the manufacturer of the oven to get the right spare parts and make the repair professionally.

Failures resulting from power surges. They can cause damage to internal electrical components of Rational ovens such as motors, inverters, as well as heating elements such as the oven heater, steam generator heater, causing them to burn out or lose heating power. As a result of an overvoltage, failure may also occur in the control elements of the oven: relays, electronic boards or microprocessor controllers. In such cases, care should be taken to quickly replace the parts in the oven with new ones.

Self-Diagnosis Problems. Rational ovens are equipped with self-diagnosis systems that can indicate various errors, such as a burned-out bulb, failure of a sensor temperature, thermocouple, or engine overheating.

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