Support bracket zinc-plated sheet steel 1 PC

suitable for: gev · mkn ·
part no.:   696.814
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technical details
part no.
zinc-plated sheet steel
for drainage channel
Specific information

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OEM part number
part no.696814
part no.204416, 696814
suitable for model
Device type
machine modelCGE11-L, CGE11-R, CGE12-L, CGE12-R, CGE21-L, CGE21-R, CGE22-L, CGE22-R, CGE61-L, CGE61-R, CGE62-L, CGE62-R, CGG11-L, CGG11-R, CGG12-L, CGG12-R, CGG61-L, CGG61-R, CGG62-L, CGG62-R, CSE11-L, CSE11-R, CSE12-L, CSE12-R, CSE21-L, CSE21-R, CSE22-L, CSE22-R, CSE61-L, CSE61-R, CSE62-L, CSE62-R, CSG11-L, CSG11-R, CSG12-L, CSG12-R, CSG61-L, CSG61-R, CSG62-L, CSG62-R

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