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Fagor is a Spanish manufacturer supplying equipment for the professional food service, hotel, restaurant, and laundry industry. Since the company has been on the market for more than sixty years, it offers solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding professionals.

The most popular Fagor appliances are heating elements, bain-marie, grill plates, combi ovens, hooded and under-counter dishwashers, laundry equipment, refrigeration equipment such as cooling tables, refrigeration and freezer cabinets, buffets and other stainless steel elements for the HoReCa.

The offered heating devices are characterized by solid and accurate workmanship and the use of state-of-the-art technologies. Advanced temperature control systems enable to cook the dishes evenly. These devices are designed for efficient preparation and serving of food in professional kitchens.

The most popular are Fagor’s heating appliances Kore 900 and Kore 700, including gas stoves, electric stoves as well as induction stoves, pasta cookers, boiling pans, fryers, tilting pans, gas stools and grills.

For years, Fagor has also successfully supplied the market with industrial dishwashers, which are essential equipment for professional kitchens and restaurants. The company's offer ranges from small glassware dishwashers for bars, cafes or small restaurants, to powerful dishwashers, to highly efficient tunnel and belt dishwashers.

Fagor also offers refrigeration and freezing equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, shakers, dicers, catering refrigerators and refrigeration and freezing tables. These appliances are essential for storing fresh food products in restaurants and industrial kitchens. Fagor manufactures innovative equipment for laundries: washing machines, dryers, mangles and ironing systems.

The Fagor brand occupies a leading position in the domestic market, and thanks to its presence worldwide is able to compete with the best of the industry. Fagor is known for innovation and high quality of its products, as well as for its commitment to sustainable development and the use of eco-friendly solutions in its appliances.

Are you looking for spare parts for Fagor appliances? Find out where to start:

1. Identify the model of your Fagor appliance. To find the right replacement parts, it is important that you know the model of your Fagor appliance. This number is usually found on the nameplate or label on the appliance.

2. Search the Gastroparts catalog: go to the Gastroparts website and search the spare parts catalog. You can do this by entering the model of your Fagor appliance or by browsing the available product categories.

3. Contact us: If you can't find the parts you need in the online catalog, contact Gastroparts directly. Our account managers will help you find the right spare parts and answer questions about availability.


Availability of spare parts for Fagor

Gastroparts is an international supplier of spare parts and accessories for professional catering equipment, including Fagor brand equipment.

We keep most of the spare parts for the most popular Fagor appliances in stock for you so that - by ordering today - you can repair your appliance tomorrow.

Professional support and selection of parts for Fagor

Our consultants have knowledge and many years of experience in servicing Fagor brand appliances. Contact them and they will help you to select the right spare part for your appliance, they will also suggest the most convenient way for you to ship the part, guide you through the process of payment for the order.... and in the meantime our warehouse will be waiting with the packed package.

The most commonly replaced parts on Fagor appliances can vary depending on the its type, its age and conditions of use. Here are some parts that are usually subject replaced in various Fagor appliances:

Fagor door seal

Door seals for ovens, stoves and refrigerators may wear out or be damaged, leading to leaks or loss of energy efficiency. Therefore, they often require replacement.

Fagor drive belt

Drive belts in Fagor washing machines and dryers are parts that wear out over time. Replacement of the belt may be necessary if the machine stops rotating or working efficiently.

Heating elements in Fagor appliances

In Fagor ovens and hot plates, the electric heating elements may wear out or be damaged. Replacement of heating elements can be necessary to restore the appliance's heating capability.

Washing arms for Fagor

In Fagor dishwashers, the nozzles of the washing and rinsing arms can can be subject to contamination and limescale build-up. Cleaning them regularly helps keep the machine running well.

Fagor temperature sensor / thermostat

In some Fagor appliances, such as washing machines and ovens, sensors and thermostats help regulate the temperature and control the work of the appliance. If there are problems with temperature or performance, these parts may need to be replaced or calibrated.

Pumps for Fagor

On Fagor dishwashers and washing machines, water pumping pumps can wear out and need replacing, mainly if the unit stops washing or draining water properly.

Electronic components and controllers

In some cases, problems with the operation of the device may be due to damage to electronic components or controllers. Replacement of these parts may be necessary to repair the appliance. Remember that regular preservation and maintenance of your Fagor appliance can help prevent breakdowns and prolong its life. If parts eed to be replaced, it is always a good idea to consult an authorized service center or specialist to ensure proper installation and operation of new parts.

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