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EGO is a german brand that specializes in manufacturing and distribution of heating and electronic technology solutions such as thermostats, heaters, energy regulators, switches, radiant heaters and hot plates for home and catering equipment.

The company has been in business for more than 80 years. Its history dates back to 1931, when Karl Fischer founded the company under the name Elektro-Gerätebau GmbH in Oberderdingen. In 1938, the company changed its name to EGO Elektro-Gerätebau GmbH and began producing thermostats and hot plates.

Since then, EGO has been growing and bringing new technologies and products to market. Today, EGO is part of the E.G.O. Blanc und Fischer & Co. GmbH, which employs more than 5,000 employees worldwide.

Today, EGO is an international concern and a leader in supplying the foodservice industry with various heating elements that are used in such appliances such as ovens, stoves, boilers, grills, coffee makers and many others. The company also offers various types of electronic solutions, such as control panels, temperature controllers, programmable controllers and other electronic products that are used to control and monitor heating equipment.

The brand continuously invests in technological development and innovation. EGO is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, demonstrating its concern for the environment and customer satisfaction. EGO is a company that combines tradition with modernity and offers solutions to meet market needs. EGO supplies its products to companies such as BERTO'S, ELECTROLUX, GICO, LOTUS, MARENO, MBM, MKN, MODULAR, OLIS, ZANUSSI and many others.

Are you looking for spare parts from EGO? Check out how to find the part:

1. Identify the type and model of the device you want to repair. It is important that you know this information - it will help you find the replacement parts you need. This information is usually located on the nameplate or label on the appliance, e.g. ZANUSSI ZG/E400

2. Search the Gastroparts spare parts database. Each EGO product has its individual number stamped or printed on the part housing. By this number, we can easily identify the EGO product. Just enter it in the search engine at and easily find the replacement part or accessory you are looking for, such as: 55.19082.802

3. Contact us. If you can't find the parts you need in the online catalog, contact Gastroparts directly. Our consultants will help you in finding the right original parts, and will also provide you with information about their availability, price and shipping time, so that you can repair your appliance quickly.


Extensive range of original EGO parts for catering equipment

At you'll get replacement parts, accessories and supplies for foodservice equipment from more than 900 key manufacturers, including the EGO brand. We will find even the most unusual parts and components for you.

We have original EGO parts. We can help you repair your damaged appliance. Most EGO parts, which are used in catering equipment of the most popular brands, are available from our stock. We make sure that - by ordering them today - you will be able to repair your broken appliance tomorrow.

We carry a variety of EGO parts that are often subject to replacement in heating equipment including: square and round hot plates, cam switches, energy regulators, EGO safety and control thermostats.

EGO 1-phase and 3-phase Control Thermostats

EGO Control Thermostats in single-pole and multi-pole versions are designed for temperature control in bain-marie, ovens, stoves, deep fryers, direct frying plates, grills, electric pans and others where an electric circuit is required.

With thermostats we can set the desired temperature in the device. We offer thermostats for various types of appliances, including: for Electrolux bain-marie 55.13622.080 or EGO thermostat for Modular, Bertos, Giga fryers 55.34034.801 .

EGO Hotplates

The base of each plate is a cast iron body. Flash rapid heating plates have a built-in temperature limiter. It is an automatic switch. In current standard range, domestic and large hotplates are classified by size, performance and type of control. If you use the 7-position EGO switch or EGO energy regulator in combination with EGO hot plate, you will get an efficient heat source.

EGO 1-phase and 3-phase Safety Thermostats

EGO safety thermostats prevent electric appliances such as convection oven, bain-marie, electric stove, lava grill from overheating, pasta maker, brewing boiler, tilting pan and many others. EGO safety thermostats turn off power to the appliance when the temperature exceeds the the set level. EGO Safety Thermostats at are available in different versions, depending on the number of poles, switching capacity, the diameter and length of the probe, the length of the capillary and the shutdown temperature. For example, we offer an EGO thermostat to fit Lotus, MBM, RM-Gastro brands, Electrolux 55.32545.090 or thermostat for Zanolli ovens 55.32582.800 .

EGO electric hot plates work on the principle of flowing electricity through a heating coil, which heats up and transfers heat to the surface of the plate. For professional kitchens, EGO offers proven hot plate technology in the form of high-performance large hot plates in a variety of shapes and sizes - round, square or rectangular. At you will order with next day delivery among others: the EGO 2000W 230V hot plate 18.18463.194, the EGO 2600W 230V hot plate 18.22463.018, EGO 2000W 400V hot plate 18.18463.198, EGO 3000W 230V square hot plate 11.33454.247.

With Gastroparts, thanks to its wide range of heating plates, you will also quickly replace the plate for your ceramic kitchen. In our permanent offer we have, for example, the EGO 4000W 400V radiation heater 10.77848.006 used, for example, in MKN ceramic stools. Ceramic hotplates are more expensive and elegant than electric ones, but have lower energy consumption and shorter heating and cooling times.

Gastroparts also stocks round, square and rectangular EGO radiation heaters for commercial kitchens, such as. 2400W round radiation heater 10.53211.004 or 1500W rectangular radiation heater 10.57401.340. The built-in pot detection system serves as a convenient feature, by which the radiation heater's power is turned off if there is no pot in the heating zone. This increases the cost effectiveness of these radiation heaters and reduces the radiant heat in a commercial kitchen environment.

EGO Cam Switches for Thermal Devices

Cam switches are used in many catering equipment such as kitchens, ovens, stoves, pans, fryers, electric stools and many others. They can have a different number of positions, tracks and layers, making it possible to control multiple electrical circuits simultaneously. They are easy to operate and install, as well as resistant to weather and mechanical conditions. At we have 168 different EGO switches available. You can choose, for example, a switch with 1 - 3 circuits, different voltage variants and for different stand-alone appliances. The most popular parts include: 7 position cam switch 49.27215.020 compatible with a wide range of foodservice equipment from electric stools to heaters to electric stoves, or a 2 position switch 42.02900.000.

EGO Energy Regulators for Foodservice Equipment

The regulators are used: in electric pans, combi ovens, electric skillets, ovens, direct frying plates, grills, rotisseries, salamanders, pasta makers, toaster ovens and many other appliances for professional catering. They control the temperature by switching on and power off for shorter or longer intervals. The most commonly replaced and suitable for most thermal appliances, energy regulators, we have in stock at all times. Without having to wait, we ship the same day, among others: the EGO 230V energy regulator 50.57021.010, the EGO 230V regulator 50.57021.010, the EGO 400V voltage regulator 50.55031.100 or 240V voltage regulator 50.17071.000. Gastroparts also offers various types of knobs for energy regulators.

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