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Company Convotherm specializes in the production of convection and steam ovens, which are advanced appliances for preparing various foods in professional kitchens. Convotherm foodservice equipment combines the functions of baking, steaming and grilling. This functionality saves time, energy and space. The offered Convotherm ovens are available in different series, sizes and electric or gas versions.

They can be tailored to individual needs and requirements of customers, where a professional kitchen is used. Among them are the most popular series of combi ovens such as: EasyTouch, EasyDial, Mini and Maxx, which are characterized by high quality, efficiency, reliability and ease of operation.

Convotherm was founded in 1976 in Germany by Ralph Klein, who pioneered combi oven technology.

His vision was to create an appliance that would combine the advantages of baking, steaming and grilling in one. The first model of the Convotherm combi oven was unveiled at the Cologne trade fair in 1978 and immediately gained recognition and interest from customers.

Since then, Convotherm has continued to develop its ovens with innovations and improvements, such as the cleaning system, touch panel, Crisp&Tasty functions, BakePro and HumidityPro, or the ability to remotely control and monitor ovens via a mobile app. Convotherm is now part of the Welbilt Group, which is a world leader in the production of foodservice equipment such as ovens, industrial kitchens, fryers and many other foodservice equipment.

Currently, the Convotherm brand supplies its products to more than 100 countries around the world, serving various market sectors. Its high-quality combi ovens are widely used in catering - both restaurant and hotels, as well as in schools, hospitals, kindergartens, mass catering and even supermarkets.

Looking for replacement parts for Convotherm equipment? Find out where to start:

1. Identify your Convotherm oven model. To find the right replacement parts, it is important that you know the model of your combi steamer. This number is usually located on the nameplate on the appliance.

2. Search the Gastroparts catalog. Go to the Gastroparts website and search the spare parts catalog. You can do this by entering the model of your Convotherm appliance or by browsing the available product categories.

3. Contact us. If you can't find the parts you need in the online catalog, contact Gastroparts directly. Our customer service will help you find the right original parts, as well as give you information about their availability, price and shipping date, so that you can get your appliance repaired on time.


Gastroparts supplies original components and spare parts to fit every Convotherm oven model currently on the market.

We provide express delivery, professional advice and technical support to our customers. We have been in the catering spare parts market since 2002. You can search for the parts you need by typing the original part symbol or use our database of Convotherm exploded drawings in pdf format.

The Gastroparts warehouse has 15,000 different types of parts and components available on the shelves, ready to be packed and shipped. We have an exhaustive assortment of replacement parts for Convotherm equipment, and can bring them in to order if needed. Buying the part you need at will help extend the life of your machine even before it breaks down.

At Gastroparts we have the necessary replacement parts for Convotherm ovens such as: heating elements, motors, pumps, washers, thermostats, door seals. With fast shipping delivery you will order:

Heating elements, heating elements for Convotherm furnaces. These are the parts that are responsible for heating the air and water in the furnace. If they are damaged, the furnace may not reach the right temperature or produce steam. We stock a wide range of furnace heating elements, such as 9900W heating element that fits, among others, models OEB10.10, OEB20.10, OEB, OES10. 10, OES10.20, OES12.20, OES20.10

Water valve, solenoid valve for Convotherm furnaces. It is responsible for supplying water to the furnace. If it is damaged, the furnace may not produce steam or have problems with cleaning. At you can order with next day delivery the angle single solenoid valve, double-straight solenoid valve or triple-straight solenoid valve.

Fan for Convotherm furnaces. It is responsible for the circulation of air in the oven chamber. If it becomes damaged, the oven may heat food unevenly or not provide adequate humidity in the process of food preparation. We offer fans for various models of Convotherm ovens, for example. radial fan Convotherm compatible ovens OGB10.10, OGB12.20, OGB20. 10, OGB6.10, OGB6.20, OGS10. 10, OGS12.20, OGS20.10, OGS6.10, OGS6.20.

Control panel, control board for Convotherm oven. This part is responsible for operating and setting the functions of the oven. When it becomes damaged, the furnace may not respond to commands or can display incorrect information. We stock control boards that fit, among other furnaces, OES20.20, OES6.06, OES6.10, OES6.20, OGB10.10, OGB10.20, OGB12.20, OGB20.10, OGB20.20, OGB6. 10, OGB6.20, OGS10.10, OGS10.20, OGS12. 20, OGS20.10, OGS20.20, OGS6.10, OGS6.20.

Convotherm oven seals. These are the parts that ensure the tightness of the door and boiler of the oven. If they become worn or damaged, the oven may lose heat, steam or water. We carry the most popular gasket profiles, such as door gasket profile 2060, door gasket profile 2717, door seal profile 2715 in various lengths and widths, also sold by the meter.

Convotherm Furnace Pumps. They are responsible for pumping water into the boiler and furnace chamber. If they are damaged, the furnace may not produce steam or have problems with cleaning. In our permanent offer we have drain pumps, vibration pumps, drain pumps and cleaning system pumps for all models of Convotherm furnaces.

Fire plugs and automatic ignition devices for Convotherm ovens. They are responsible for igniting gas in gas ovens. If they are damaged, the burner in the gas oven may not ignite or have an unstable flame. We have in stock a wide range of automatic ignition devices for the most popular models of Convotherm furnaces, such as Honeywell type S4575B.

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